Halloween is over, elections have passed, and the days have gotten dramatically shorter. (And, if you're from New England, darn cold.) So we figured everyone could use a little extra ray of sunshine or ultraviolet radiation or whatever. Turning our focus to the celestial, extra-terrestrial, and the final frontier...it's the 50th anniversary of Star Trek! We're celebrating in our store by discounting all Star Trek-related items, as well our collection of sci-fi paperbacks and magazines (vintage included.) Bet you didn't know we actually have some pretty cool Star Trek stuff, including framed, numbered/limited edition prints and trading cards by local Star Trek artist Sonia Hillios! (Ask us for more info.)

Of course, you don't have to be into Star Trek or even Science Fiction to enjoy our store. Our beautiful old building is a site to see in itself, and our shelves are stocked with books of all kinds- many of which are also on sale. We have collectibles, and ephemera- even a one-of-a-kind model ferris wheel. So set a course for 225 College Highway, Southampton, Massachusetts, and check us out!