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Welcome separator Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek!

(how 'bout a sale to celebrate?)

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Halloween is over, elections have passed, and the days have gotten dramatically shorter. (And, if you're from New England, darn cold.) So we figured everyone could use a little extra ray of sunshine or ultraviolet radiation or whatever. Turning our focus to the celestial, extra-terrestrial, and the final's the 50th anniversary of Star Trek! We're celebrating in our store by discounting all Star Trek-related items, as well our collection of sci-fi paperbacks and magazines (vintage included.) Bet you didn't know we actually have some pretty cool Star Trek stuff, including framed, numbered/limited edition prints and trading cards by local Star Trek artist Sonia Hillios! (Ask us for more info.)

Of course, you don't have to be into Star Trek or even Science Fiction to enjoy our store. Our beautiful old building is a site to see in itself, and our shelves are stocked with books of all kinds- many of which are also on sale. We have collectibles, and ephemera- even a one-of-a-kind model ferris wheel. So set a course for 225 College Highway, Southampton, Massachusetts, and check us out!

Welcome separator Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to Our New Site!

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Welcome to our recently updated website! From here on in, the Blog section will keep our bookstore fans and site visitors posted on what’s happening here at Heritage Books (also known affectionately as The Old Library.) Our first blog post seems to be the perfect opportunity to share details about the website, as it’s one of our biggest and most recent changes! We are also trying to make more of a presence on social media and look forward to interacting and developing relationships with more of our patrons :)

For now, a general outline of the site:

Our Home page: The home page welcomes visitors with some basic information on the bookstore, including hours, location, contact information, and forms of accepted payment. The ho​me page also hosts tabs or links to other features throughout the site, which I’ll describe in detail below.

About Our Bookstore offers a physical description of the building, as well a general summary of some of the things we have to offer, including rare books and vintage collectibles. (And coffee!) As you work your way through the different tabs at the top of the page, you’ll find more detailed information on anything you might be curious about.  If you don’t find your questions answered, please call or email… we love to talk to our customers!

Shop With Us not only tells a bit more about the items we have to offer, it has an interactive dashboard to help you search our inventory and make purchases. Click a button to shop on one of our partnered booksites, or scroll through the Photobucket gallery to see the amazing selection of vintage posters and ephemera we have available. If you wish to make a purchase from us directly, there is a form you can fill out at the bottom of the page, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Featured Collections will feature a rotation of different items of interest. They may be related to a current event, honor a military holiday, or perhaps, are simply seasonal.  Sometimes we just come across something really cool and think it deserves a spotlight! That’s what Featured Collections is all about. If you’re interested in purchasing the item(s) we have on display, contact us! All of our items are for sale.

Ephemera: Yes, we are a bookstore, but at this point you can tell we also have an affinity (or maybe affliction) for ephemera, the trade term for “old paper” items.  We have a lot of it, and the posters on the Shop With Us page are a just a scratch on the surface. The Ephemera page is basic, but outlines the different types of ephemera you can expect to find in our beautiful old shop. You’ll have to come in and see it- there’s just no way to feature it all online!

Fiction/Non-Fiction is a page that lists the many genres we have to offer. With over 40,000 books in our database, we not only have a huge diversity of subjects, but a wide range of prices as we carry everything from dollar paperbacks to rare and valuable first editions. Our book collection has something to offer to a wide range of age and interests, so check out our list here, or search our inventory from the Shop With Us Page. 

And finally, Blog. I think we’ve about covered that ;) Thanks for checking out our new page and our first post! Stay tuned for more, and until then, come in and see what we have to offer!  -BW